I hosted a raw chocolate party here in Baltimore, MD on the rooftop of the Black Olive Inn an organic hotel, shop and restaurant during Expo East. I was delighted when the Yoga Earth team attended, what a delight! I had followed their movement from afar, admiring their demand for high level design and quality of food. I could connect with their mission.

Meeting the team behind the creation of Yoga Earth was indeed an honor. I was curious about their foods and I received a beautiful box from Yoga Earth the other day and inside was an array of their superfoods. Yum! I love their packaging design, their entire brand in its exquisiteness and aligned mission. Give thanks.

I have tried their bars and their superfoods and I have to report that it is good. Looking for ways to eat on the run and ways to fuel children on the go with superfoods is always a challenge and Yoga Earth’s bars are a great resource. I have given bars to health food enthusiasts. I have given bars to junk food enthusiasts. I have shared bars with children of all ages and have to report that the majority of them have loved Yoga Earth KeenWah Bars.

The winner was coconut and almond but the one that satisfied the longest was the coconut and chia. Even from those who were not coconut fans enjoyed the bars. These are definitely a find for those of you who are looking for food on the go that is healthy, nutritious, gluten free, vegan and energy giving. After you go through the ease of ordering them let me know how you liked them.