You keep hearing about health coaches.  Celebrities and online articles mention them, but there is nothing very specific or clear.

What are they? What do they do?

First, reflect inward.  How do you feel? How are your energy levels? Is your skin glowing or dull with a few break outs? How are your stress levels?  Do you feel at your absolute happiest and best weight possible? Are you living your best life possible Are you becoming the best version of you?

“Your inner biological health is directly related to your outer reflection of beauty and the manifestation of your life.” -Jennifer Helene

Life gets busy, time gets crunched, and exercise get cut down.  Maybe tomorrow there will be more time to find a healthy recipe and workout routine.

We all need a little encouragement and accountability from time to time to get back on track and into alignment. At school and work most people tend to do better on a deadline, and have their efforts guided by a teacher or manager.  A person that mentors and guides for the best results possible.

A health coach is just that. An authority in wellness, a supportive mentor to guide you in the most healthy and positive choices for your mind and body. A health coach is educated to help you reach your health goals through lifestyle changes to improve not only body, but energy and happiness as well.  

“Thanks again – you are just what I wanted – someone to teach me what humans are suppose to eat and introduce me to the foods, so I don’t spend a ton of money trying stuff out on my own, only to throw out what I don’t like or what doesn’t agree with me.” -Joan

Your health coach understands that you are a unique person, with unique DNA, life history, likes, and dislikes.  He or she will guide you towards your best life possible with tried and tested tools and motivation to get you further than you could have ever reached on your own, in a shorter period of time, without all the frustrating dead ends.

Today there is a shift to healthier lives and lifestyles. Health food is more readily available in the form of restaurants and health food stores, more bike lanes are implemented each year all over the world, and more work places are implementing exercise programs for their employees.

Society is recognizing the benefit of health coaching with many doctors offering Health Coaches as a part of healing programs.

“He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.” -Chinese Proverb

A health coach will help you identify your goals, create small steps towards each goal, motivate you along the way, and keep you self-motivated to make sure you can carry out the tools the rest of your life.

 “My attention span, energy level, and awareness in general has been increased and sharpened. My sleep has been more restful, although not perfect. I am feeling much calmer and settled in my thoughts and decisions. Thank you for the inspiration to make changes that will improve body, mind and spirit!” — Janette 

A health coach is not a personal trainer or someone that simply gives you a list and then walks away. You should feel authentically connected to someone who will honor you and take a stand with you on what you are embarking on.

Are you ready for expansion? Are you ready to take responsibility for your health and to live into the best version of yourself?  Are you ready to commit to yourself?

A health coach doesn’t tell you what your goals should be; a health coach can guide you on how to reach them in a co-creative process.

“I came to realize the true, basic essence of what it was I am called to fulfill in life. As such, it enabled me to be open to changing industries and being open to this higher, more basic purpose, without the obvious professional “cause” to which I have served for over 20 years. I switched from a 20+ year career in environmental science to insurance. Quite a drastic change. I realized that in order to bring peace to others’ lives, including my own (the essence of my purpose), perhaps, the higher purpose was not the obvious one, and that the cause itself is now the purpose. Very poignant.

This change is not only allowing me to take on a role, job and new career that I am really excited about, but it is also the best job opportunity I have ever had. I always knew that if you truly focus on your goals, by meditating on them and verbally stating them at least twice a day, and putting it out there to the universe what you want to see happen, that you will bring your goals to you.

This fall, after my session with Helene, that actually happened, and I truly believe her coaching validated what I already knew to be true and also brought additional clarity and definition about my actual purpose, enabling me to be open to this completely different opportunity, yet one that I am more equipped for than any other I have ever done.

Additionally, I find it fascinating that when the lynchpin to a new decision and a life change is in place, the logistics of that change of life happen to also fall into place.  This has also happened in this case because, not only is the decision “right” and true, but I have also done the same meditation and goal-setting exercise with those logistics. Thank you Helene! I believe that the universe also brought us together, and I hope that my meeting you will not only benefit me, but you as well.” -Liz Longenecker

Now that you know how a health coach can change your life for the better, what are you waiting for? Begin researching coaches that resonate with your most authentic self.

Are you a hard working woman, interested in self reflection, expansion, ready for the romantic relationship you want, ready to be a leader who keeps commitments to yourself, and ready to live your best life possible? Health coaching with Jennifer Helene may be for you.

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“He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.“ -Arabian Proverb

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