What Can You do With an Hour?

My life is incredibly full and often I only have an hour to spare here and there. What can you do in an hour? SO MUCH. I have realized that on the path of optimal health and ways of being, possibility can be paralyzing. This is not really what I signed up for when I started this exploration. I am a mom, I am an entrepreneur doing meaningful work (give thanks), I am a romantic partner, I am a Yogini, I am an ex-wife, I am an athlete, I am a lover of nature, etc. 

My days are full, but I realized a while ago that just manically getting things done is going to burn me out and make me grumpy. This adversely affects all my ways of being and relationships there within. It disrupts the flow profoundly. The flow is key to everything.

I know you are busy too so here is what I learned and what I wanted to share with you today. This share is assuming you are clear on what you are committed to and what your priorities are. For me, I need to connect with nature EVERY day, as this is the source and we are one with it and all that is. It humbles me and connects me to the universe. My top priority is to take exquisite care of myself through ideal food choices, movement, and adequate sleep. Everything else comes after this.

10 things you can do in an hour (consciously):

  1. Take a walk in nature
  2. Make delicious food (yesterday I made fresh turmeric, lemon, ginger, black pepper tonics (WHOA that was intense), and dehydrated soaked almonds with rosemary, protein flakes, nama shoyu, garlic…(the house smelled a m a z i n g) total time = 45 minutes (including clean up))
  3. Practice Yoga
  4. Take an exercise class either online or locally
  5. Have a heart to heart with a good friend
  6. Call someone who has become estranged and get complete with them without expectation
  7. Practice Pranayama
  8. Meditate
  9. Plant seeds in your kitchen or garden
  10. Express your creative heart, for me I love to dance (mostly in the living room wildly)!

This is a little reminder that it does not matter how busy you think you are, there is ALWAYS time to connect, express and love yourself up! Trust me the benefits are profound. The only way we can serve our greater purpose is to celebrate and stay inspired. I would really like to hear how you are either taking exquisite care of yourself or how you plan to in the very near future (like today or this weekend :-). I find that consciously committing one hour a day changes my world view and fills me up profoundly .