Your wedding checklist is almost complete. You’ve hired the wedding planner. You booked the venue.  You’ve even said yes to the dress.

You know this is one of the most exciting times in your life, but you just feel drained and on edge.  Your skin is dull and you’re not at your ideal weight.  If you took your wedding pictures today and greeted guests, you would look tired and unhealthy.

That is where your bridal coach steps in. 

What is bridal coaching? It’s more than an exercise program.  It’s more than a nutrition plan.  It’s a way to have the energy during one of the busiest times in your life, and to get the glow for the big day.  

The process after saying yes, up to you I do’ can be stressful and packed full of to-do’s.  It is the best time to dive into a program that will help you manage anything that comes your way.

It allows you to exude the energy during the endless planning, to radiate health to your guests the day of, and to glow in the wedding photos you’ll have on display the rest of your life.

Sound amazing?  Health is the most important thing in the world to me.  Beauty and radiant glowing beauty are really just side effects. If you are getting married, health is especially important.

I am your both accountability and support system to help you experience the time around your wedding joyfully and with ease.

Look inside yourself at the quality of your thoughts and food.  How do you want to experience the process of getting married – from the ‘yes’ to the  ‘I do’?

Your future husband and your friends (if you’re honest) enjoy you most when you are happy. I have helped many brides do it and people will literally say to you that you are glowing and that you are radiant. The secret is that radiance comes from the inside out.  Everyone wins – you’re happy, he’s happy and you’re beautiful!! You can realize your full potential.

That’s why I created the program, for women who want to get extraordinarily healthy, making you fertile and beautiful – mostly though to just be yourself – your true self and to align with this so deeply that it radiates from the inside out.

This is a world class program designed to empower you to manage your time with grace and ease providing you the freedom to be yourself without the stress that creates brideZilla and to shed the layers hiding your radiant beauty.

It allows you to feel ready and managing as the bride.  It helps your skin to glow and your body to be its ideal weight.

Women that have gone through the program enjoy both the outward changes, as well as internal.

“The Bridal Coaching Program was not only getting me the glow I wanted for my wedding day but it taught me about how to love myself. I was able to create the experience from the inside out and it paid off in every way imaginable especially with my husband. I am so thankful” — Josie, MD

I have distilled the best health and beauty tips from the past twenty years, first as a Ford Model in the late 90’s to a health coach today. I know all the tips and tricks in front of a camera, and I also know that a picture speaks 1000 words – of the reflection of the light inside of you. How does the light in you resonate from the inside?

The Jennifer Helene Bridal Coaching program specifically takes place over twelve weeks, with weekly one hour coaching sessions via Skype.  You have email and phone support, meal plans, guidelines and recipes as well.

It also includes exercise recommendations and specific guidance, all along with smart and timeless 100% natural long term weight loss and cleansing regimen.  I include supplement recommendations and alternative treatment recommendations as well.

This program will take four months minimum.  Ask yourself, are you satisfied with your health and beauty to walk down the isle tomorrow?  Are you the woman (inside and out) your husband to be can love for evermore?

Check out my Bridal Coaching Program, and research your options. I know I offer the best program ‘to get the glow’ available, so feel free to email me through my contact page with any questions.

Follow through. When you visit the information page, you’ll get the first instructions on how to start to get the glow (free gift). If you feel it in your heart to say yes to what is possible, yes to creating a life that you truly love this program is for you.

It is going to take focus, determination and hard work. Generate your wedding experience from the moment you say, “Yes” to the moment you say “I do”  with authentic experiences from the outside in rather than inside out.