Is it possible to be a heart-centered entrepreneur and still have a successful business? The short answer is yes, but more specifically I want to talk about why being a heart-centered entrepreneur is the best, most profitable way to run a successful business.

Whether you’re a health and lifestyle coach like me, or you’re a makeup artist, a web designer, CEO, or a financial planner, if you’re in tune with your heart, then you’re most likely living in alignment with your purpose and doing what you love. If you need help finding your purpose or getting into alignment, the time is now, please call me for guidance.

Not only is a plant-based diet more economical, (2)

Now, even though I think it’s extremely important to value your clients and customers, you must also value yourself. You must value your time and energy, set healthy boundaries, practice exquisite self care, and be respectful to yourself so that you can do work you feel confident about and that feels right to you. As a result when you effectively do this, you reflect that back to your customers and they in turn value and respect you and your business more. Setting an example for them not only creates an increased level of respect from them to you but inspires them to be more in alignment themselves.

The other factor here is knowing your worth, respecting yourself and charging a fair price for what you provide. If you don’t charge what feels right, then you’re not going to be as excited or passionate about the work which serves no one. In respecting yourself, be sure to charge what feels right in your heart.

As a heart-centered entrepreneur you should also be working to make a difference and not just a sale. Mindful work and living your life on purpose is key. Though sales are important, you want to make sure that you’re coming from a place of service rather than a place of “If they buy this, then I’ll make more money.” People can sense when you’re authentic or when you’re just looking for a sale. Focusing on serving ensures more success and you will feel better about the work you are doing.

When you’re truly in business for the right reasons, you’ll know by identifying that you feel good about yourself and your purposeful work. You’ll smile authentically, sincerely inquire about how someone is doing, go above and beyond to serve them, and maintain that passion that you first felt when you started your business.