Transform Your Life. Discover Your Heart’s Desire. Be Joy. Unveil Your Strength.

Helene Leeds is a transformational Ontological Life Coach specializing in health 20 years of experience helping people on a heart centered path to lose weight joyfully, age more gracefully, reduce stress, heal through food and achieve their optimal self.

My story begins as an obese child at age five where I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting. At age seven, I became ill and was bound to a wheelchair for several years.

After intensive intravenous antibiotic treatment, I was overweight and in a weakened state.

After the ostracism of adolescent obesity, I blossomed early into a young woman, and I signed as a plus size model with the world renowned Ford modeling agency in New York City.

Looking picture perfect was imperative for my chosen career and all the antibiotic use manifested itself in chronic acne problems and continued obesity as well as IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). I began to see doctors world wide searching for a solution to my acute health problems.

The cycle of improvement while taking more antibiotics followed with a rapid decline in my health after the medicine had run its course. As the problems worsened, I began to search for a new path of long term health.

The road I found led me to look inward and guided me toward an understanding of the body’s natural hygene. It was here that I found holistic solutions which were lasting and provided me a foundation of knowledge of how our bodies balance themselves mirroring nature.

The miracle of the human body revealed itself to me as I witnessed the cellular rejuvenation. My body transformed and became toned while my skin cleared up through adjusting my diet, lifestyle choices and thought processes.

My modeling career accelerated and I was booked internationally for years. I married in 2000 and moved to Switzerland where I co-created a multi-channel international fashion brand with apparel design, manufacturing and retail.

During this time I assisted in the development of the company and deepened my studies in holistic health. I became a certified Iyengar Yoga teacher, and attained my master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, became a mother and learned fluency in French and German.

Nutrition and Yoga have supported me through each phase of my life and have strengthened and stabilized me in profound ways. I have personally experienced the empowerment of choice. Choice of what we put into our bodies and minds moment to moment and how it influences our lives both internally and externally.

The skills I have cultivated from healing myself have inspired me to guide others in optimizing life style choices. The choice to obtain the maximum benefits of your health, longevity and true beauty from the inside out are yours alone.

Practice to learn how to choose. Are you ready to embrace your whole self? Are you ready to Be fully present in your life now? Contact me for a complimentary readiness session to see what support you need on your heart centered path toward living into your optimal self.