Check out this video I made for Harbor East in Baltimore, MD with Shine Creative ( all about Tips on Making Healthy Choices.

When they requested my input, I reviewed all the menus and saw where it looked safe for my healthy choices was in the side dishes. There were salads which are usually a safe healthy choice but not always satisfying enough to last for the entire day. Sticking to sides of vegetables and whole grains (I don’t mean bread or wheat of any kind) if any are offered are often a good compromise. Believe it or not, I do bring my own fresh, virgin, raw, organic olive oil or hemp, olive oil, pumpkin seed oil mix and sea salt.

What are some of your strageties when making healthy choices while eating out?

Facts about restaurants:

The oil they use is usually not high quality. Why? It is too expensive to use the best oils.

They use tons of salt. The problem? They are often not using sea salt.

They fry many things. The problem? Fried fat is the WORST thing you can eat and literally sits in your veins.

They usually have an abundance of vegetables to prepare which serves everyone’s needs in eating healthy food for a long, vibrant life.