The upside of getting back on track with your health, life and career is tremendous. It equates freedom. How does one achieve freedom through discipline?

At the center of this are your values. What are they and how closely are you living your life in alignment with your values? Often we compromise our values for the sake of our partner, our job or business or what society deems acceptable. This awareness is an essential component of finding the track.

Deep down inside of yourself, you know the track you need to be on. You have an inner guidance system that is directing you towards the person you were born to be. What has taken you away from that path is mere distortion. It is this distortion that our work clears out to get you back on track with who you are at your core and what you were born to be.

Starting is the key to finding the track, and choosing to stay on it, this requires practice. Freedom is the most important thing to me in my life. My experience proves that the heights of freedom are reached when my values are clear, when I live in alignment with those values, and when I am progressively moving myself forward in each area of my life.

This means that certain things, situations, experiences, and people are in and other things are out. This level of discernment is required to know how to navigate all in the practice of being on track. When my clients are feeling like they are getting off track, it is often because they chose to practice being in relationships with people, food or experiences that were not aligned with their values. I always say, “Our daily practice is our strongest medicine.”

What is the medicine you choose today?