I figured it out – the key to healthy living is … planning. I know that sounds too easy, but it really is the secret to a healthy life.

Take me for example, I’ve tried to be healthy my entire life. I grew up very ill–was in a wheelchair, obese, had constant ear infections, was on constant antibiotics–but I learned as an adult that being healthy really isn’t that hard if I stick to my priorities and commitments, take the time to plan out my day with aligned intention.

For many people, they wake up in the morning and walk out the door. And that’s it, no plan. They are setting themselves up for being in reaction mode all day long.

Coaching is all about shifting your way of being from being a victim of your circumstances to being the cause of your circumstances.

Chances are if you wake and go it may be a challenge for you to stay healthy day to day. Just look at how many cars you see lined up outside of fast food restaurants. You know, every morning when I drive my daughter to school, I see a line wrapped around McDonald’s drive thru and I always think, “How is this possible?” Well, perhaps it’s because people walk out the door in the morning and they’re going to get hungry- that much we can expect. So they’re just responding all day to their hunger.


We have to take responsibility for our health and we have to take responsibility for our choices moment to moment. And not only what we’re putting in our mouths, but what we’re putting in our minds–the thoughts that we’re choosing. Because believe it or not, everything you have created in your life, whether you like it or not, is a result of a choice that you made.

So when I wake up in the morning, I know I’m going to get hungry so I need to know where and how I’m going to fuel my body. The why is a topic for another time. If I’m going to choose a restaurant, then I need to know which one. Will it be the cafe? The deli with the fresh green juice? Or the restaurant on the corner that has organic food? Whichever I choose, it takes some planning.

Or if you’re going to be out all day driving the kids around, maybe you need to bring some snacks with you and for them. Cut up vegetables that you keep in the fridge overnight so that you can grab them and go in the morning.

Being mindful about what you’re committed to and how you’re going to go about fulfilling that commitment–that’s where the planning is. And that’s the big secret. It could really be that easy. What do you choose? How can I help support you in making better choices from a place of truth and love?