Ginger lemon tea has aided people throughout the centuries as a delicious mind and body practice.

So What About Ginger & Lemon?
Ginger is the most commonly cultivated herb from its beginning to present day.  The presence of the herb goes back to Greek literature in 200 BC according to some accounts. It remains a powerful addition to as many as fifty percent of traditional herb remedies.

The origin of lemons darts from India to the Middle East and Africa, finally to settle in Italy around 200 C.E.  At first, lemons were used as a purely ornamental fruit, as were tomatoes. It came into culinary use in the 15th century in Europe, Columbus brought seeds to Hispaniola, and the Spanish conquest spread them throughout the Americas.   By the 1800’s in Florida, they began using them in cooking and in flavoring dishes, instead of mainly as medicine.

Good for the Mind and Body
The combination of the nutrition contained in the citrus fruit and the sharp-tasting root compliment each other not only in taste, but in health as well.  The alkalizing benefits help with a myriad of health issues from inflammation to beauty.

It is an excellent preventive measure to include in daily routines both internally and externally.   

Boosts Immune System – Due to the high levels of anti-oxidants in ginger and the potency of vitamin C in the lemons, it acts as a strong anti-biotic. Perfect for defense against the flu or the common cold.  It also reduces inflammation, reduces free radicals in the body, and heals wounds.

Prevents & Eases Nausea/Indigestion – For whatever ails you, from motion sickness to pregnancy, this is your tonic. Drink a cup of lemon ginger tea before traveling to prevent motion sickness, and for relief from the effects of chemotherapy, pregnancy or period cramps. It also lowers the occurrence of heartburn and indigestion, and prevents bloating.

Smooth, Flawless Skin & Hair – Improved digestion clears skin and the anti-oxidants move to love your hair and skin.  The combination of vitamins triggers hair growth in a natural way.  Any skin infections are improved by antibacterial and antiseptic properties to protect the skin.

Not to mention it helps with diabetes, weight loss, fights cancer, lowers cholesterol levels, aids impotency, acts as an aphrodisiac, tends to hangovers, and eases joint pain. 

It is a tonic to tone, purify and cleanse the internal organs when taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Slice up a fresh ginger root and add a few to recently boiled water.  Cut up lemon and squeeze into the water as well. Add a dab of honey to taste, which will help counteract the intensity of the ginger flavor.

You also have the option to finely chop the ginger root and add it to boiling water for a few minutes.  Add the lemon as you pour it into your cup.

Use it as a part of your morning routine, when you feel zapped for energy, an afternoon break, or before bed.

Your body and mind will melt into relaxation with the robust aroma and tangy refreshing flavor!