What People Are Saying

Jennifer is a proven expert on nutrition and wellness manners.  Her nutritional plans make it easy to gradually lose weight over time.   My overall eating habits have changed dramatically since working with Jennifer.  She has provided me with the necessary education on setting fitness and nutrition goals. The results speaks for themselves.  My overall cholesterol levels went from 180 to 130. My bad cholesterol or HDL was lowered by 30 point (99 to 69) in a manner of a few months including an increase in muscle mass and weight loss.  Jennifer, continues to challenge me on weekly basis with her reminder e-mails or inspirational text messages to help me stay focus.  Call Jennifer today for a life changing nutritional and weight loss experience!

Basil Soutos, Virginia 

What an awesome  presentation. It was a pleasure to listen to you! Thanks for some more valuable insight and information. You deliver your thoughts with such heartfelt honesty, enthusiasm, humor and empathy. Thanks again for the invite and OH MY GOD the chocolates! I almost wet my pants! So, so good….

Bob, Baltimore, MD

“My attention span, energy level, and awareness in general has been increased and sharpened. My sleep has been more restful, although not perfect. I am feeling much calmer and settled in my thoughts and decisions. Thank you for the inspiration to make changes that will improve body, mind and spirit!”


“All in all, the diet has been wonderful and the benefits are immediately noticeable.”

Mary Ann

“I am amazed at how well it is going.  Kidneys are fine now.”


“Thanks again – you are just what I wanted – someone to teach me what humans are suppose to eat and introduce me to the foods, so I don’t spend a ton of money trying stuff out on my own, only to throw out what I don’t like or what doesn’t agree with me.”


“I wanted to thank you for your inspiring Yoga workshop

My yoga practice began about 6 months ago so I have much to learn, attempt & experience.

You were enthusiastic, inspiring and challenging… it was a pleasure to participate in your class…wish it would have lasted longer!”


“Jennifer has a great presence. She is gifted in understanding a body after significant surgeries, and she teaches yoga in a supported way, so that you do not worry about injuring yourself during a yoga session. You feel fully supported not only during the poses but also at an emotional and spiritual way….Working with Jennifer for the last two years has alleviated my chronic back pain, mitigated surgery and helped strengthen my body. Regular practice with Jennifer is a mainstay in living pain free and strong”


I have been  thinking what I would say regarding your coaching…

“”When it feels  like you can’t get to the reason why, or find the courage to take action, to have the relationship you want, the success you want, the weight loss you have been dreaming of, the house that you need that will make you feel like home…CallJennifer and get her coaching!!!

Jennifer has impressed me with her intelligence, knowledge, compassion, dedication, respect and love for her work. She is well rounded, warm hearted, and friendly. She has tremendous amount of knowledge and know how in coaching, however lets not forget her expertise in yoga and nutrition as well!!!

With her, I was able to go to the depth of my heart, to a level that I never thought I could go so deep.

She helped open the door that took me to my dream: a happy marriage!

Many thanks to Jennifer! I never thought I would have been thankful to my past backpain, but if it weren’t for it, I would have never met Jennifer, and it would have been a huge miss on my part.””

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Hope all is well,



After a generous, pro-bono counseling session with Helene, I came to realize the true, basic essence of what it was I am called to fulfill in life. As such, it enabled me to be open to changing industries and being open to this higher, more basic purpose, without the obvious professional “cause” to which I have served for over 20 years. I switched from a 20+ year career in environmental science to insurance. Quite a drastic change. I realized that in order to bring peace to others’ lives, including my own (the essence of my purpose), perhaps, the higher purpose was not the obvious one, and that the cause itself is now the purpose. Very poignant. This change is not only allowing me to take on a role, job and new career that I am really excited about, but it is also the best job opportunity I have ever had. I always knew that if you truly focus on your goals, by meditating on them and verbally stating them at least twice a day, and putting it out there to the universe what you want to see happen, that you will bring your goals to you. This fall, after my session with Helene, that actually happened, and I truly believe her counseling validated what I already knew to be true and also brought additional clarity and definition about my actual purpose, enabling me to be open to this completely different opportunity, yet one that I am more equipped for than any other I have ever done. Additionally, I find it fascinating that when the lynchpin to a new decision and a life change is in place, the logistics of that change and of life happen to also fall into place.  This has also happened in this case because, not only is the decision “right” and true, but I have also done the same mediation and goal-setting exercise with those logistics. Thank you Helene! I believe that the universe also brought us together, and I hope that my meeting you will not only benefit me, but you as well.

Liz Longenecker

Working with Jennifer Helene has allowed me to create the life and career of my dreams and to live life from a place of peace, joy, compassion, kindness and confidence.

With gratitude,


“Working with Helene has been amazing. It started with some simple goals to get me jump started in the morning, and and evolved to getting complete with some big projects that have been nagging at me for some time.

Helene’s style of listening and extracting my goals has been most inspiring and fulfilling to me!

Procrastination has been my nemesis, and she creates a delightful game to take that head on.

As a Holistic Health Coach myself, I can really admire her skills. It’s clear to me that her years of working with people to help them have happier, healthier more fulfilling lives makes her the fantastic LIFE COACH that she is!”

Scott, Bethesda, MD