This morning on the FOX morning show, I taught about the power of healthy snacks for children and adults alike. These superfood power balls are an excellent source of healthy fats for developing minds and bodies and each ingredient is intentional for protein, blood sugar stabilizing and immune enhancing properties.

Super Power Balls

½ cup raw almond butter
¼ cup raw coconut flakes
1t vanilla
2T raw, local honey
1T raw hemp seeds (or other seed like sesame, sunflower, pumpkin…)
2T raw goji berries (or other dried cut into small pieces fruit like cherries, raisins, figs…)
pinch of sea salt
1.5 T raw cacao nibs (optional)

Put al ingredients into a bowl, mix well and shape into balls with hands or a melon scooper and serve.

These are great for kids and adults alike. They are made up of the important factors for snacking, which are excellent raw fats, protein and great tasting!

Each ingredient in this recipe is intentional in its energy giving properties. Hemp seeds are an excellent source of protein as well as fat with a perfect balance of omega 3 and 6. Almond butter is an alkaline source of protein and fat. Local and raw honey is great for enhancing the immune system. Goji berries contain all amino acids therefore making it a good source of protein as well as being full of polysaccharides that are excellent for building connective tissue, which is essential for children’s development.

There is so much room for creativity here too! I love to add other superfoods to this recipe like mesquite powder, lucuma powder, camu camu powder, mucuna purines…..