How many of you see this image and can relate? I know I can.

Crazy right? But true. How can we see ourselves through honest, loving eyes? How can you shift the perception of yourself to reflect that which you are creating not that which you distain about where you are. What energy are you creating with the former?

It is time. The weather is getting warmer (I promise). Besides getting a new pair of sunglasses for the beach, where you will soak up all the vitamin D you have been lacking, you realize you might need something else. That is either a killer workout or an awesome diet to get you into shape for bathing suit season. How about both? This means hitting the gym anytime your schedule allows, opting for salad for dinner, and letting your stomach gurgle hungrily for longer. Then once you get the body you worked for, you can enjoy some greasy summer food with the body you have worked for and slink back into your cold weather sweaters once the leaves turn once more.

How about… No. Summer Bodies

Why do we do this to ourselves?! Why can’t we feel happy with our bodies all year long? Why do we have to suffer for three to four months until we are finally happy with our state of wellness? Can’t wellness and health be a year round thing where we enjoy delicious healthy food and our own vitality always? Maybe we will not have to work so hard if we stop treating our bodies like rubber bands! Your body is important in creating an output of creativity, thought, invention, and form. Should we not always be striving to fuel our bodies in the most efficient manner possible for our utmost output of mental and physical triumphs? We cannot just exceed when the weather is formidable for showing off. Our bodies are meant for more than that, ladies! 

This is not only a roller coaster for us emotionally but even more importantly, a travesty for our metabolism. Many clients can no longer loose weight because their bodies have been in yo-yo dieting/starvation mode for so many years that their bodies are no longer responding. That is a real fact ladies. It is dangerous for us inside and out. I write to you today to ask you to stop the madness.

My best piece of advice for this coming summer is to remember the goals you set for yourself before the summer. Not only remember but see the goals. Envision the body you are shaping as you work out. Look in the mirror with acceptance and gratitude, still with you eye on the prize.

Set long term goals now for keeping yourself in shape once the weather turns cold again. Continue to fuel your body well and remember that the path to transformation is spiritual. If your body, mind, and spirit are invested in change, you can’t go wrong when you’re in sync!

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