What you choose to put into your body and your child’s body and mind has a dramatic influence on how you feel and function in the world.

The greatest part is that you can choose for yourself and help your child to choose. It is completely in your hands to make choices that contribute to your and their well being. Taking the time and making the commitment to optimizing your diets are the first steps to creating a healthier body and mind.

Many parents are not aware that they can help their child’s development and keep them well by presenting their children with healthy choices. I hear from many parents that their daughters and sons are not interested in food, only eat chicken nuggets or are sugar and junk food addicts. These may be extreme scenarios, but there is hope for all situations. It is up to us, their parents to creatively, consistently, positively and confidently present new and health giving foods to our children for their health today and in the future.

With ADD/ADHD and food allergies on the rise as well as calcium deficiencies starting at age 10 there is rampant malnutrition occurring even in developed countries such as ours. Mineral imbalances are surfacing earlier and earlier and this is important to note. Mineral imbalances lead to a multitude of diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, heart dis- ease, osteoporosis… As a result of long term mineral imbalances, calcification occurs all over the body and manifests as chronic disease. This is showing up in our modern day with heart disease as the number one health problem in America, which is merely one of many diseases related to mineral imbalances. If our children can learn from early on how to eat healthy, balanced foods many chronic diseases will be on the decline.

By you taking the time and making the commitment to incorporate new foods into your children’s diets, you are contributing to their health on all levels. They will be more alert in class, increasing their academic performance. They will miss less school because they will fall sick less often. They will not crave foods and be more optimistic and less moody. The benefits go on and on….

The governing principle I have learned and practiced is eating foods from its natural source. Striving to consuming foods which are 100% organic and whole. Snacks are a wonderful way to incorporate healthy foods into your child’s life. The main theme with snacks are that they be 100% whole and organic and ideally that they incorporate:

A fruit and raw nuts or nut butters
A vegetable and healthy, raw fat
A grain and raw or fermented dairy