Here it is folks. A recent compilation of recipes from moi. I have a few gems in this one such a the famous Swiss recipe Creme de Budwig, a stellar breakfast and snack as well as a few dips that turn any vegetable into a religious experience.

I began this small book with the intention of educating parents about how to better nourish their children for their cognitive development. I have given workshops and talks with some of these recipes and I received emails and notes from the parents who emphatically agreed that these were great ideas for parents too!

I find that the best way to maintain my weight is with healthy snacks all around. We all get into trouble when we are out and about with no food. What is there to eat in the mainstream of America? Unless I am in San Francisco, I have found it challenging to satisfy my hunger with ultra healthy foods unless I am prepared with my own. This little book has some great ideas to build upon for yourselves to nourish yourself and your loved ones. It is simple and I welcome your feedback and sharing.

You can purchase the book here:

Please let someone you care about know about this book as it will make a contribution to their well being, longevity, sustained weight loss or maintenance, sustained energy level for optimal performance etc.