I will be reviewing products I use and love on an ongoing basis. I have traveled all over the world and as a former Ford Model I am a connoisseur of fine cosmetics. My demands are high for not only the purity of the ingredients to give the product a chance but also of the results I get from a product.

At the Real Truth about Health conference, I met the folks from Amanprana, which is Noble House and was curious about their products. The first beautiful thing I noticed was the quality of the packaging – everything was in glass and the integrity of the contents within the packaging were exceptionally sourced. I gravitated to their cosmetics which were few but impactful.

The product I chose was the “Shangri-La” because after placing a few drops on my hand, I immediately felt a sense of well being, it smells like heaven! The smell of carefully selected ingredients was magical and I have been using it around my eyes, on my neck, decollate, and hair. It has become an essential part of my morning and evening beauty rituals. Cosmetics are like nourishment/food for our skin and Shangri-La is a must have for seekers of the best, purest, most lovely beauty products on earth.