Raw Chocolate for Breakfast

Raw Chocolate is the premier longevity superfood. What do I mean when I say superfood? It is a food with twelve or more attributes that contribute to extraordinary health. As I was earning my Master’s degree in nutrition, I was learning about the wonders of this antioxidant rich food. There is no other food on earth with more antioxidants than raw chocolate. It has more antioxidants than green tea, red wine, and blueberries combined!

At the time I was living in Switzerland and chocolate was everywhere but not to be found without refined sugar and was frequently found laden with creme. Mind you the chocolate tastes amazing in Switzerland but it is not the best ever for your heart, immune system, nervous system and body overall.

I would search high and low for raw chocolate in Switzerland but there was none to be found in Zurich, or Geneve or Bern. Every Wednesday I would go to the local farmers market in Bulle and there was a beautiful African woman who sold the most delicious mangos, and I asked her if she could source raw chocolate pods? Indeed she could and I could expect to receive my first raw chocolate pod the following Wednesday.

Alas it arrived beautiful and powerful, I opened the pod to find white gooey sacs of chocolate chips. This was a religious experience for me. I ate one sac of the pod and was transported to Cloud 9.

The past twelve years I have been experimenting with these pods to create delicious ways for my loved ones to enjoy this amazing superfood as to enhance their longevity and health. Just about every morning I eat raw chocolate for breakfast. Yum! Looking for ideas? Just ask.