This month I am practicing an observation in myself and in society at large. This observation is specifically regarding the paradigm of scarcity. The more I practice being aware the more able I am to shift ways in which I am being in my life. Doing this empowers me to create my present and future.

I have noticed that the belief system of scarcity or not enough of, is driving the world. The advertising executives are experts in reinforcing this pattern of thought.

I observe a clearly defined paradigm of there is not enough time, money, or love. This is shown through the excess of food eaten, the record high divorce rates, and the obsession of status symbols and record high debt. All of these are causing destruction on multiple levels.

These patterns are alive currently inside myself as I continue to closely observe. Are any or all of these patterns alive in you? We learn this way of being by living in a country and being educated by a system that encourages this fundamental way of being.

Now that I see it and understand that the scarcity paradigm is a source of disempowerment which is keeping me in an internal state of stress all the while corresponding negativity in my life, I am able to choose a different way of being.

Why on earth would I choose THAT?

But what if we could intentionally choose a new way of thinking and being? What could be created? Answer these questions for yourself.

My mind goes wild with possibility when I ask myself this question. The possibility of abundance opens up, the possibility of peace and harmony are available for extended periods of time as opposed to just fleeting moments of serenity. This is the environment in which I want to live. I choose peace, happiness and serenity.

I choose to acknowledge when I am satiated and hungry and respond accordingly. I choose to pay attention to when I am being greedy with money or love and feel the truth of permeating abundance all around. Our reality is a direct result of our thought patterns. I choose to align with my commitment to fulfill my purpose of Samadhi. What do you choose?