How many ways can we agree on how divine the experience of drinking hot chocolate is? How many wonderful memories do we share as a collective with hot chocolate throughout our lives? Too many to count. I recently created a new version of a medicinal mushroom, raw cacao/hot chocolate elixir that opens absolutely everyone’s heart who allows it to pass through as a threshold. The health benefits of medicinal mushrooms is astounding. There are literally hundreds of studies showing the healing potential of medicinal mushrooms and more studies each day are being published.

They are known to have anti-inflammatory effects (, help to prevent cancer tumor cell growth (, are known to help to prevent cognitive decline ( and ), promote a healthy immune function ( and, and although it is counterintuitive, these medicinal mushroom actually act as antiviral agents (

The reason I love this brand is because I can trust their integrity of sourcing, formulation, and in house testing. They also know that “the mushroom’s immune-supporting polysaccharides in these mushrooms are located within the cell walls of an indigestible fiber called chitin. Since chitin is very difficult for the body to digest, it must be either cooked, hot water extracted or fermented in order to release its nutritional payload. The mushrooms in Premier Fermented Mushroom Blend have been micro-cultured through a unique probiotic fermentation process. This aids in digestion and allows its beneficial immune support compounds, such as polysaccharides, to be easily digested and immediately absorbed at their peak activity and in their most bioavailable form.”

Mixed with the tasty ingredients below makes this immune boosting hot chocolate one to always have on hand. AND mushrooms and raw cacao are incredible to marry. 🤩

Hot Chocolate 

1 cup fermented mushroom powder 

4T raw cacao powder 

1-2t raw, sun dried vanilla 

1T ground cinnamon 

¼ t sea salt 


⅛ cup ashwagandha

1T rhodiola

Mix all ingredients and store in a sealed glass jar. 

Take 1T of mixed powder and add ¾ cup hot water. Froth ¼ cup of homemade or store bought nut milk and add to the cacao mix.