My passion for miron glass does not stand alone. I recently found that Foods Alive is packaging their oils in MIRON glass. This is by far one of the most intelligent things I have seen in the food industry. From my previous article we know that miron glass protects from UV rays and keeps the raw, first cold pressed oil fresh for a longer period than any other oil on the market. The oils are outstanding and they are of the best quality I have seen.

The hemp oil is my all time favorite though. I look forward to seeing black seed oil and pumpkin seed oil. I love Foods Alive crackers and the oils in miron glass are a new addition for me. They also have salad dressings for those of you looking for a pre-made dressing.

This weekend I participated in the University of Maryland’s Integrative Health Conference and many of the attendees asked me about basic health habits. The people attending in this conference were already knowing the basic facts of a healthy life such as: no flour and sugar, low to no animal protein consumption, limited to no dairy, low to no gluten intake, etc. One thing I found that keeps getting overlooked all too often is the quality of fats we are eating.

Heated fat is downright dangerous and has been proven as a carcinogen.Yes heating coconut oil is not as dangerous as eating fried food. This is clear. One of the key principles to vibrant glowing skin is eating raw fat. I had to learn how to steam fry and add decadent oils atop my food. Excellent oils are expensive but they are going to nourish your internal tissues and therefore external tissues such as hair, skin and nails.  This investment is in your health and longevity. Only the most precious things are stored in miron glass and high quality oil is a contribution to your health. Long gone are the days when fat is bad or unhealthy for you. Moderation is key, but raw fats from seeds, nuts and raw oils are health giving.

Tip number one: Stop eating fried food. If you do not feel sick when you eat it, one day you may.

Tip number two: Invest in the best quality oils you can find. Buy only organic, first, cold pressed oils in dark bottles (especially miron glass from Foods Alive – I love that).

Tip number three: Concentrate on consuming a combination of oils such as pumpkin seed oil, hemp seed oil, olive oil, and black seed oil. Flax seed oil I will address in another blog post. Flax seed oil has not resonated with my composition and my research has shown me why. I will share the details with you in the future.

Tip number 4: Do not heat these precious oils. Top your food with the oils and enjoy.

Tip number 5: Save the miron glass bottles for another concoction to be created in the future.