Tea rituals have been celebrated in every culture for centuries. I have been studying food as medicine for almost 3-decades, and in the traditional healing modalities globally, tea is one of those traditions used to heal. This recipe is warming, healthy, and feels decadent. I love tea and ritual. This loving recipe is deeply restorative, and energy giving. It is not something I drink after 2pm because it does contain teaine also known as caffeine. Green tea has been proven to be effective as a preventive measure against cancer cell proliferation. There are myriads of studies to prove this, and here are a few.





Ashwagandha is also another renowned herb that has been reinforcing health for centuries. Learn more about ashwagandha here:


This recipe is an excellent way to get these miraculous elements into your life.

Matcha and Ashwagandha Latte

1t organic matcha powder

1/2 t Ashwagandha powder

1/2 cup freshly made almond milk

1/2 cup water (170 degrees F)

Stevia (optional)

Warm water and steam milk. Place powders in a mug and whisk in the matcha green powder with the warmed water while thinking about your health intentions. Add the almond milk and ensure there are no clumps. Add a few drops of stevia if you choose. Enjoy sipping on this health giving, and vitality bringing tea.