Freshly pressed juice has concentrated vitamins and minerals and detoxifies the body. Fresh is the key word here. The juice you buy at the grocery store is pasteurized and is more like sugar than the vitamin promises which the brands boldly advertise. Although the palate is a vehicle for pleasure, the body communicates through somatic intelligence. When we clear our bodies of excess toxins such as sugar, nicotine, caffeine, flour and other de–natured foods, our innate intelligence sharpens.

The question is are you on a path of transformation or on a path of pleasure, and can you have both?

This weekend I sensed that my body could use some light cleansing. There are multiple signs your body shows that you are ready to help it cleanse such as body odor, sickness, skin problems, pain, inflammation, dark circles under eyes, weight gain, etc. The body will clean itself and rid itself of dis–ease if you can give it a rest from digestion.

Digesting food takes more energy than all other bodily functions. When you lighten up and drink juice for a day or even seven days (supervised please), you will notice how the body miraculously heals itself at an accelerated pace.

Find a local juice bar who consciously chooses their produce and make that location a regular part of your life. Zia’s cafe in Towson is my favorite local juice bar. Purity in Bethesda is another great location. Organic Avenue in NYC has a phenomenal juicing program where you can order juice to be delivered daily.

If you are able to make the investment, buy your own juicer. I own a Hurrom Slow Juicer and love it. It just juices. There are no bells and whistles but it extracts juice at its maximum potential. Feel free to write to me to ask questions and share your favorite recipes.

I have been enjoying green juice all day made with:

1 head of celery
1 cucumber
1/2 lemon (leave a little pith please for extra estrogen clearing)
1 fennel bulb