When we’re busy, busy and always on the go, we have little time to think whether our actions are in alignment with our thoughts and words.

So I want you to take some time and think through these couple questions.

What things are not getting done? (We all have something we’re putting off.)

Where are your thoughts, words and actions out of alignment?

As Gandhi says, “To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest.”


You automatically cultivate the universal flow. You know, when the timing is just right and things seem to fall into place?

If your thoughts are clear and your words are clear but your actions are not reflecting what your words are saying, the result is inertia–a tendency to do nothing or to remain unchanged. And that doesn’t help anyone. Instead of being stuck in inertia, spend some time with yourself and get to truly know what you want.

Then reflect on how the lack of integrity can affect your family, your work, your health, etc. And think about what would shift if you could realign yourself. How would your family, work, and health change?

For me, a good example of this when I’d committed to being on time and was not committed to wasting time. I scheduled everything back to back and was running around intensely. I never had time to stop and greet friends or have a spontaneous experience, nor did I make time to reflect which was a huge problem for my spiritual evolution. I was committed to being on time and often I was still running late. The commitment I made was actually causing me more trouble because of the way I was being about it.

Through reflection, I decided that I needed an additional 10-15 minutes to get everywhere and accomplish anything. This gave me TREMENDOUS space and peace. I found myself no longer stressed or out of breath and on the brink of burning out. My adrenals started to recover and I was much happier.

As I reflect back on this, I also realize how important having a coach can be. Having that person to help reflect where the gaps are and how to address them from a place of love and acceptance while moving you forward to living your best life possible. If you know that you need a coach in your life, or you’d just like to set up a time to talk more, please feel free to schedule an appointment: 410-652-4848

Jennifer Helene