I was at a party this weekend, and I wanted to bring a drink that was immune enhancing. I knew there was going to be alcohol at this event and lots of alcohol was going to be consumed. After years of no interest in drinking alcohol, I know to bring my own beverages if I want to make it special for myself. It is amusing how much a minority I am as an adult who rarely consumes alcohol. I realized that I have to include myself if I want to be a part and not separate from the crowd. So, my immune elixir was an inspiration. It is a game changer for our health and vitality and it is delicious. I hope you enjoy.

Immune Elixir 

2 pieces of dried Reishi Mushroom (alternately, you can use the power from a capsule)

2 pieces of dried Chaga Mushroom (alternately, you can use the power from a capsule)

2 T dried Astragalus 

2 T dried Elderberry 

2 T Burdock Root

8 cups of water 

Optional vanilla 

Optional nut milk of choice

Pour 8 cups of filtered water into a large pot and then add the chaga, reishi, astragalus and burdock root. Raise the temperature to high, and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 30 minutes. Add the elderberry, and continue to simmer for 20 minutes. Alternately, add the elderberry and simmer all ingredients for 30-45 minutes. If you are using dried, powdered chaga and reishi from capsules, simmer all ingredients together for 20 minutes. 

Strain mixture through a fine-mesh sieve, and add sweetener of choice. Serve iced or warm. Add a 1/8t of high-quality vanilla and nut milk for a rich, nourishing tea. 

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