Time management is such a broad topic and one that I’ve studied and learned about for the past 20 years. Whether it be from examining the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey or looking at ways to spiritually allocate time and experience abundance, I’ve distilled that when it comes to time it’s really about quality and priorities. My definition of time management would equate: the quality of your time aligned with your priorities and infused with your values. Does that make sense to you? Let me explain …

When I work with coaching clients, this is one thing we really tap into, and they leave clear on their purpose, clear on their values, crystal clear about their priorities, and have an honest understanding about exactly how they’re living life in alignment with those priorities.

Not only is a plant-based diet more economical, (3)

As my clients learn, and I want you to learn, we make investments all day long in our focus and in our time. We invest in our health with the purchase of food–an investment of energy, time and focus, but also money. We invest in our children (if you have children). We invest in clothing. We invest time in our companies–a company you work for or one you may even be creating. And the list goes on, so you can see that we’re constantly making investments of time and money in different areas of our lives every day and every way.

Now, if you take a moment to really reflect and take a step back, you can evaluate what those choices are and be mindful about how much energy you’re giving each of them. This will create a very clear picture for you, and it will enable you to seal up any areas that may be leaking–leaking money, leaking energy, leaking time, etc. Because when you’re able to really honestly look at your choices, then you’re able to understand how you can fine tune things with your diet, with your priorities, with the time you invest in yourself with exercise, with friends and family, and even with work relationships that may need improving.

With all of this, you’re able to start to get to the next degree of optimization, of mindfulness, and of fulfilling your purpose on earth and expressing that in your work, whether you’re raising a family, looking for a job, or you have a job.