Time balancing; It’s one of the most important skills to have in this day and age. Being good at it won’t get you a gig at the circus displaying your incredible flexibility for hundreds of people at a time, but it will help you stay sane in your hectic home and work schedule. One of the most difficult tasks is balancing yourself and your relationship. Whether you’re a new couple, have been dating for a while, are newlyweds, or have been married for 50 years, you still find yourself asking, “Am I doing this because I want to or because he/she wants me to?” Being in a good, healthy relationship is about being able to be yourself and to know when you need some time to spend on your own away from the needs of the other person.

This ideal can even show up in your relationship with your parents, children, and friends. My schedule is very important to me. I like to get things done for myself, exercise, cook meals, and advance in my career. However, my daughter’s needs are often more important than my own. I do realize sometimes that my own health and sanity depend on those times where I can take an hour to do yoga on my own and meditate. With that time spent on myself, I can be a better mother to her. I even hope that my own self-love will inspire her to love herself as she gets older. In instilling my idea of authenticity in yourself, you can instill it in your loved ones as well.

Shouldn’t our task be to inspire our partner? To grow with them in life, learn from one another, and teach through example? Much like myself with my daughter, our goal in loving each other should be to establish that long lasting relationship that only comes through self-love and understanding of one’s needs and feelings. This is an example of my pillar about the voice inside us that is meant to guide us. If the voice inside you tells you that you don’t want something that your partner wants, you should follow it. You should use that voice to communicate your feelings instead of being miserable. Let the voice help you realize when you need time on your own to think and enjoy your own company. Allow yourself to take time and find things that you enjoy and inspire your partner to do the same. By working on your relationship with yourself, you can come closer to the happiness we are all hard-wired to enjoy.

Healthy Priorities Deepening your Love

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