Health Coaching programs focus on achieving your individually desired results. You will explore possibility, responsibility, integrity and well-being, essence and love. How you are being in every aspect of your life will be intimately unveiled. You will be supported in actualizing your goals, overcoming obstacles, fulfilling your heart’s desires and living life to its absolute fullest.


Weekly one-hour meetings
On–spot coaching as needed
Suggested reading material


Long term Weight loss
Desired goals reached
Increased, sustained clarity
Increased, sustained energy
Improved relationships

$1000 month

Contact Helene for a readiness interview.

Pure Food Enlightenment–Cooking and Raw Food Courses

In these courses you will learn about how to truly nourish yourself from the inside out. While tasting foods through recipes developed from all over the world and you will learn how to prepare your food heal-fully as well as delectably. In each class you will receive tastings, recipes, and a curriculum. Participants report time after time that they leave inspired to try new recipes and live healthier. See Upcoming events for more information.

Individual Nutrition Profiles

Customized individual nutritional advise is given to enhance optimal health in the form of written suggestions, supplements recommendations and eventually meal plans if desired. Weekly coaching is offered as support to implement the necessary changes.

Detox Groups

Group weight loss, aging gracefully, disease prevention and cellular rejuvenation are the focus of detox groups. By reducing and eliminating toxins from our bodies, we naturally aid our bodies in self cleaning or natural hygiene resulting in looking and feeling younger, clearer skin, improved organ integrity, heightened awareness, weight loss, deeper sleep, etc. These programs last for a minimum of four weeks and span to eight weeks depending on the intensity of the cleanse. Weekly meetings are held for support, recipes are given, and outlined specifics are provided each week.

4 Week Detox program
6 Week Detox Program

Lectures and interviews are also available for organizations and large groups.