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21-days to a New You

A mindset, health, lifestyle, and guidance group program that combines personal instruction with group accountability. Learn to finally stop the self-sabotage and live a happier, healthier life.

Are You Tired Of Missing
Out On Your Dream Life?

I get it. On the surface, you’re doing great. But… if
you’re honest, you know there’s more to this
earthly plane and you want yours. You just don’t
know how to get out of your own way long
enough to get it.

Welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Here’s why:

  • You’re an accomplished individual who’s seen and
    done more than most.
  • You live a purpose-driven life that rivals Jane
    Goodall’s and Brene Brown’s
But your intuition tells you something is still
missing. It nags at your heart and you can’t
suppress it no matter how hard you try.

You are so ready to have a truly happy and fulfilled life.

Group Program Right Place Image
During my spiritual journey and search for finding balance, peace, and a better version of myself, I was referred to Jennifer-Helene. She has been an inspiration, a true gift, life coach, and spirit guide. She is sensitive and highly intuitive to my whole being. Our work gives me a great understanding of how diet and self-love affect the body, mind, and spirit. It has given me balance and structure in my managing daily life, work, and relationships. Our work together has opened a new chapter with my family relationships. This is the best gift I could give myself and my family!
Having her support and accountability has been life-changing. Having her in my corner has propelled me closer to my personal goals and milestones. I l look forward to continuing my journey with Jennifer and reaching goals that I never knew were possible.
- Dania Sander

The 21-Days to a New You Program will
illuminate your path to freedom.

Focus on building a solid foundation of ultimate health.
Free yourself from self-sabotage.
Define a roadmap to a clean body and a clear mind.

Because when your mind is clear, you can make better choices and go out into the world
with more intention.

This program is right for you if you can’t wait to:

  • Connect with like-minded people for support and accountability
  • Have more A-ha moments than you can count
  • Create your own reality
  • Make choices from a wise, meaningful place
  • Develop lifestyle practices that are more aligned with who you are
  • Have the courage to step out of your comfort zone regularly
  • Set boundaries that work for you, regardless of the potential fallout
  • Deepen your ability to connect with others
  • Prioritize activities that fit into your value system
  • Make healthy food choices every day
  • Enjoy exercise and “play” as a mindful practice and not just something on your to-do list
This program is dramatically different from any other
health/wellness program you may have taken in the past.

Why? First, I’m a highly qualified and experienced
coach who has been building and teaching programs
like this for nearly 30 years.

Over the years I’ve learned that everything you want in
life is directly tied to your health — which affects your
clarity of mind and has a trickle-down effect into all areas of your life.

During my program you will:

  • Get your health on track with clean, plant-based food
  • Enjoy a fitter, more energized body
  • Gain clarity of mind
  • Get guided instruction from me and support and accountability
    from the group
  • Understand and name your saboteurs so you can dictate the role they play in your life (yes, these exist and they’re yours to command!)
And a whole lot more.
Something feels off group images

It’s time to redefine how you show up in life.
To choose how you want to feel and how you want to live.

how you want to live.

group program work with me

Here’s everything you’ll get in this course:

  • Weekly 60-minute group calls led by me for 21-Days
  • Instant access to a private and supportive WhatsApp community
  • Email support between calls
  • Lifestyle guidelines for diet, mindset, and exercise
  • Weekly Goal setting workbook
  • Recipes and meal plan guidelines
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Reading suggestions
  • Education about plant-based protein, fats, detox, and graceful aging
  • Awareness and journaling practice areas (where the shifts really happen)
  • A downloadable workbook for each course module
You’ll receive all of this, plus 3 training modules covering everything from why plant-based food is the best option for optimal health to how you can use your saboteurs to get ahead in life.
Module 01


  • Set your intentions for the course.
  • Get all the details on diet and exercise with full
    recommendations and plans.
  • Discover how you currently care for yourself mentally, spiritually, emotionally, nutritionally, and physically every day.
  • Identify your desired commitments versus your default
  • Create an environment that sets you up for success.
Module 02


  • Recognize feelings for what they are and your resistance to them.
  • Discover how feelings and goals are intertwined.
  • Learn to let go of unproductive thoughts and feelings.
  • Understand your eating habits and their effect on your health.
  • Refine your diet and expel toxins.
Module 03


  • Discover freedom from attachment.
  • Learn how to use that freedom to channel more productivity.
  • Explore different types of fat and their effect on your mental and physical wellness.
  • Achieve balance free from dogma and extremes.
  • Reach a place where self-love and self-care are the norms.
  • A clear picture of your dream life and the means to achieve it.

Before you decide to enroll, I feel I must tell you that this program isn’t for everyone.

Please understand that this program takes real commitment and dedicated hard work. There’s no hand-holding here. And no excuse-making.

Your results are directly correlated with your level of engagement, readiness to show up and be coached, and willingness to set your ego aside for the duration of the program and beyond.

I’ve been coaching people for more than 20 years and have seen firsthand that the people who show up and who are willing to get out of their own way are the ones who experience the most dramatic results.

So if you’re not ready to face your challenges, stop here.
But if you are – I can’t wait to help you finally

reach your goals

If you’re ready to develop a lifetime of
healthy habits and connected

I invite you to apply now.

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