Glamour and beauty is a topic I’ve been thinking about for 20 years. As a former Ford Model and someone who’s been in the beauty industry my entire adult life, this is a topic that I’m intimately connected to and it’s a topic that I see a lot of women struggling with. And we’re talking women from girlhood to their late 50s.

Recently, I went to an event in an area where there were a lot of young women going to nightclubs (something I don’t do anymore). And watching them, I was surprised by the amount of makeup they were wearing and their scarcity of clothing. In fact, all I could think was, “Wow, these women are really looking for love.” And it wasn’t out of judgment that they were doing something bad or wrong, it was just really interesting for me to observe and think about how a lot of what we see in the media and in magazines, like Cosmopolitan or Vogue, promote this glamour lifestyle.

But the stress of needing to be or feel glamourous, is really heavy. It creates a lot of anxiety. I question whether glamour is beauty, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not.


So if I could communicate anything to you, it would be to look inside.

A lot of times women call me up and their self-worth is challenged. They’ve compensated for their self-worth in every way imaginable. They are over-giving to their families, they are over-doing at work, they are working out like a maniac at the gym and have injuries, and the list goes on and on about how they’re compensating for a real lack of self-love–a real lack of self-worth.

So I work with them to unveil their natural beauty, and it’s really an inner work that has to occur. It’s very profound, not very complicated or complex, and it doesn’t take very long. But it is powerful and it is life changing because it shifts your relationship with the most important person–you. And by shifting that relationship, your self-worth begins to increase. Your love for yourself begins to grow. And it’s not something that you switch on and off like a light switch. It’s something that’s cultivated.

Call me to set a time up to look deeper inside. The time is now to shift this relationship.