I have been super busy these last few weeks cultivating soil, seeds and planning my food for the summer and autumn. I am truly a novice. But with my daughter in school and her schedule, I, as an adult, have to settle down and be here now. Since I turned 18, I have been traveling all over the world. Yes, literally, I have been traveling and not able to lay or cultivate roots in a garden. This will be my third year attempt and I think I will bear fruit this year. Give thanks.

I have a garden and lots of bunnies, deer, ground hogs, squirrels etc. I am planting kale, Swiss chard, fenugreek, fennel, broccoli, cauliflower, claytonia (salad), mache (salad), spinach, cabbage, peas, cilantro, parsley… I am starting my zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers. I am really very excited. I may have bitten off more than I can chew though. But I will see my way through. Any of your suggestions would be most appreciated.

What I realize is that growing my own food is the next level in understanding food as medicine. How the plant grows. What weather it is afflicted by. How it stands up to or fails in the presence of bugs, what kind of nutrients in the soil it needs. I am observing.

I am also doing something that is meaningful to me. I am pre germinating most of the seeds in my mouth. It might sound odd, I know. But it makes perfect sense to me. The enzymes break down the shell of the seed and the seeds are germinating twice as fast (yes, I tested it), but even more importantly, the seed communicates with my DNA to grow in a way to nourish what my body needs. What do you hear in that?

All good. Are you gardening? What are you planting? Perhaps you need ideas on how to find space? Let us brain storm together. Growing your own food is the best ever. I was looking at an egg carton today and realized that it would be a fine place to start seedlings. No fancy equipment needed. How amazing will it be to awaken in the morning and walk in the garden and pick the food your body is calling for right off the vine and nourish your body with the best food, loved and nourished by your hands?