There is a unique opportunity to learn more about Food as medicine from Chris D’Adamo PhD is a food researcher and an expert on the subject. I have tremendous respect for Chris and I will be attending and wanted to share this invaluable event with you so that you too could arrange for yourselves and the ones you love to understand the far reaching effects of how the choices you make are critical for your health today and in the future.

Chris will cover the topics:

•Which foods are healthier when eaten together: the science of the glycemic load

•Conventional vs. organic food: effects on your health and the environment

•Which foods are most important to consume in an organic form

•Which foods are most effective in regulating appetite and optimizing metabolism, concentration, memory, and mood

•Which sweeteners are the healthiest. Find out what the research says about stevia, aspartame, sugar alcohols, saccharin, agave, honey and others.

•Tips for breaking free of the refined sugar habit

•Does it matter what time you eat?


Learn more and register here. This event is in collaboration with the University of Maryland Institute for Integrative Health where social workers and nurses can earn credits. This is an event not to be missed.