After many years of drinking and learning about freshly pressed juice, I am emphatically convinced that green juice resonates the best for my health and well being. Fruit juices may be tastier for some, but the high sugar content imbalances my system.

Green juices contain concentrated nutrients and are easy to digest providing an excellent source of concentrated calories with high-impact nutrition. Green juice contains high amounts of chlorophyll.

Chlorophyll is the phytochemical that makes plants green, and is similar to the hemoglobin in your blood that carries oxygen. Chlorophyll acts as a detoxifier and antiseptic, and assists in cellular rejuvenation and the manufacture of red blood cells. Chlorophyll is also believed to be a vital factor in promoting proper immune system function, lowering cholesterol, regulating blood sugar and fighting disease.

Green juice helps to reduce inflammation in the body as well as proving effective hydration which is pure and 100% absorbable. They also contain antioxidants for free radical protection and aid in prevention of cancer, heart disease and are anti-aging.

According to the Hippocrates Institute, enzymes and amino acids in green juices, may help protect against cancer-causing elements by detoxifying the liver and blood, Additionally, green juices are said to restore normal pH blood alkalinity — creating a more oxygen-rich environment where cancer cells cannot survive.

Find green juice where you live, make it yourself, order it online. Whatever it takes, green juice is important, get it into your life and the lives of the ones you love!