Happy New Year to you all. I hold the firm belief that our actual is our authentic New Year is our personal Birthdays, but it is a great time to reflect universally. I have been reflecting on 2013 and asking myself what I will manifest in the highest of all good this year for my health, relationships, career etc. And I realized that a five year insight is equally as value able. Why you might ask?

In one year a lot can happen and goals are set for me. The difference I can make in my health are significant in one year but in five years? I see myself vibrant and even healthier than I am today as I shed the past and evolve into the future.

And that is the point. I no longer choose to re-solve an issue which is no longer serving me. I choose to evolve my thought choices. New Years resolutions re-solve issues but this year I am creating evolutions.

I began with the five year vision while moving to the one year vision. a

Here I am today, this very morning. In the peace of my self, sitting in front of the blazing fire and I know that all I really have is right now. Today, right now I choose to relinquish resistance. Resistance to people. Resistance to new, perhaps uncomfortable experiences or things. Resistance to situations.

How do I know that resistance exists? I notice that my jaw gets tight and that I become a little bit upset, or irritated. What do I have to give up to relinquish resistance? I have to give up my judgments about what I think is right and be completely willing to step outside my comfort zone.

What do you see for your five years? For this year? For this day?