“A person who never made a mistake, never tried anything new.” – Einstein


Much like my belief that people are made to find deep, sustained joy, I believe that they are also made to try new things to keep that joy afloat. The integration of new elements in life is important to the vitality that we all hope to sustain. But we all have to understand that trying new things can include failing many attempts before we are satisfied with the result.

For example, you have made it your New Year’s resolution to go horseback riding for the first time this year. You have this image in your head as this majestic equestrian gliding through the plains on your steed like some kind of Lawrence of Arabia, and yet your first experience on the animal is not quite so. You realize a few things: 1. The animal is a lot farther from the ground than you had anticipated. 2. You feel a lot clumsier than you envisioned. 3. You are actually on an animal that lives, breathes, and has a mind of its own, and that is terrifying! Now, you are not so sure that you can make this dream come true.

Einstein was right, though. If you cannot realize all these fears about your resolution, you cannot overcome them to resolve anything. If you just gave up, got off the horse, and never got back on again, wouldn’t you be giving yourself license to do this in other obstacles of your life? Get back on that horse! Find the joy in completing your tasks and raise your expectations for yourself. If you set the bar for yourself rightly, you can complete the task as beautifully as your own Lawrence of Arabia.

Deep Joy Writing goals down heightens the likelihood that you will actually complete your needs and wants! Make a list of your top five things needing completion this week. Then make a list of your top five things that you want to complete long term. Feel free to share with me your goals and success on Twitter! @HeleneLeeds