As we approach spring, some of you might be already feeling the tickle in your thorat as the allergy season begins. I had severe allergies as a child. It was no fun. I studied the why behind intolerances of all kinds and realized that cleansing is the key to resolving allergies.

It is also the key to weight loss and it is also the key to feeling great. Eating tremendous amounts of green foods help with this commitment. Green foods keeps you fueled with vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll and alkalizing elements. Resulting from the consumption of green foods is the beauty skin glow, increased vitality, cleansing and strengthened immunity; only to name a few of the results you will get from increased consumption of green foods.

There are multiple ways to enjoy green foods. I love them and continue to find ways to enjoy green foods. Here is an inspiration from the Angelica’s Kitchen restaurant in Manhattan where I visited daily when I lived in NYC. This dressing contains no oil and no salt. It is incredibly alkalizing and tastes yummy.

I love it because it is an excellent dip for vegetables, a wonderful topping for collard or nori wraps and a fantastic salad dressing.

An ingredient which may seem unique when you read this recipe is umbeoshi plum paste. This is a Japanese product that I love to use. You can find the paste, the cured plums, and the vinegar in the US. When I visited Japan I learned that the Japanese use umbeoshi plum paste and even the dried paste pressed into pills as an anti-acid. Yes, that is exactly what I said, their “Tums” is umbeoshi plums. They work.

If you suffer from acid reflux or find yourself taking Tums or other such products, know that there are may alternatives. Tums are not healthy and I would consider finding alternatives if you are a frequent Tums consumer. Umbeoshi plums are an acquired taste but when combined in recipes well, they add depth and dimensions no other food can create. Tart and bitter, umbeoshi plums are an ancient healing food.

I love this dressing on green salads with loads of sprouts.

Creamy Vegan Green Dressing

1T umbeoshi plum paste or 3 plums, pitted

1 spring onion

1 cup parsley, chopped

1/2 cup raw tahini

Water to mix