On Sunday mornings, my beloved Mother used to make a large egg bake with sausage and we would have a beautiful brunch after church. These memories from childhood hold such deep, loving, celebratory memories for me. But now I am a vegan. So I recreated a new version of quiche. There are many delicious ways to use chickpea flour. I find it difficult to digest, so I only eat a little, which is difficult because it tastes so good.

Of course chickpeas are healthier when you eat them freshly cooked, frozen or canned, but from time to time, I like to revisit my childhood with a quiche. It is important to note, whatever vegetables you use should be juicy.

Note: The flour is very dry and needs the juiciness from the tomatoes, spinach and peppers. You can use kale, or other vegetables such as onions, but remember that this four can be very dry. One recipe I used had 4T of oil, and I am not comfortable with that, so I have used juicy veggies. There is no end to what is possible with this quiche.

Chickpea Quiche 

2 cups chickpea flour 

2-3 cups water 

Soak overnight at room temperature 

1 lb spinach, chopped finely in the food processor 

1 red bell pepper, sliced in long strips  

1 Roma tomato or other tomato, ¼” slices 

Optional jalapeños or habaneros, sliced on the thinnest mandoline setting 

1t sea salt 

2t Italian seasoning or Herbes de Provence 

½t red pepper flakes 

Stir the chickpea flour and the water until there are no clumps left and all the flour is combined with the water. Cover and let sit for 12-24 hours. Put in the fridge if not using.

Season the chickpea flour and water mixture with the spices and mix well.

In a cast iron skillet, place the spinach at the base and pour the chickpea mixture over the spinach. Top the quiche with the pepper slices and tomato decoratively. Bake at 350 degrees for 40-55 minutes. Let sit before slicing. Serve with a large salad.