As one of my absolute favorite beverages, chaga tea has been a savior day and night, season after season.  This mushroom tea strengthens my immune system and leaves me feel nurtured. I usually add my favorite nut milk such as hazelnut hemp or almond milk to make this a quasi meal replacement. For those of you who are wanting to wean yourselves off coffee, consider replacing it with chaga tea lattes, and feel the satisfaction of shifting your relationship with caffeine, so you are in the driver’s seat and the deep boost in your cell’s healthy replication. Welcome to my chaga saga….

Chaga Tea

4 cups of purified water (spring water is my favorite)

1/2 cup chaga mushrooms

Simmer for 20 mins up to 1 hour. Consider brewing twice or three times as chaga keeps giving its gifs. Serve warm with nut milk or save in a glass jar in the fridge for tomorrow. Will keep for one week in the fridge.