Beauty comes from within. As many times as I have tried to adorn myself from the outside with beauty, it comes from the inside. Tout simple. Beauty resonates from your attitude and from the health of your organs. The skin is a reflection of your health and the light that shines through your eyes is a reflection of your mood combined with your overall health.

With that being said, beauty is something I would consider myself an expert in, not because I am beautiful, but because I have been working on myself from the inside out and I see glimmers from time­–to–time of the beauty I seek.

Many ask me about my beauty regime and I will now begin a series of posts about beauty. Today I would like to speak about the skin and diet. After my childhood of extreme antibiotic use, my intestines were depleted of adequate “good” bacteria for balance. I did not know this at the time, but I saw the outward effect of systemic acne.

After seeing doctors from New York to Hamburg, I decided to take matters into my own hands and learn about how natural hygiene brings the body back into balance. I read books and visited eastern doctors and learned how to clean the blood, reinforce the immune system from inside out and how to manage my diet.

This study was fascinating to me and I ended up obtaining my Master’s degree in nutrition as well as traveling the world to discover how cultures heal with food. The Greeks with their fish soup, the Chinese with mushrooms, barks, roots and berries. The Swiss and Germans with aromatherapy and local herbs.

Personally, I was and am able to draw a clear connection between my diet and the appearance of my skin. With that being said, if the external skin can glow, imagine how radiant the inner skin can be? If you can do one thing this week for your internal and external beauty, cut out all sugar from your diet and eat sugar only from fresh, organic fruit.

My Superfood Smoothie from this morning:

1-2 peaches
1 cup blackberries
10 drops of cell food silica formula
1T maca powder
2T lucuma powder
¼ cup aloe vera juice
2 squirts of shizandra/goji berry extract
1t camu camu powder
1t shilajit
2t mucuna purines
1 scoop of Sun Warrior germinated brown rice protein powder vanilla flavor
1 cup coconut water kiefer

Blend and enjoy