After doing some soul searching, I have come to realize that I have certain strengths and that these unique strengths play a transformational role in my work and life. You might have noticed that Helene’s Kitchen has a new face and this new face is a reflection of this work. Working with me is a heart centered path to health.

In my coaching practice and in my life there are 3 things that I have identified as guiding principles for me personally and in my work.

1. The Path to Transformation is Spiritual

2. Authenticity is Key

3.The Wisdom lies within, Listen

Be sure to take advantage of the free gift that I am offering on Helene’s Kitchen by signing up and please have your friends and loved ones take advantage of this free gift by signing up themselves. The gift speaks specifically to the 3 steps to hearing your inner voice.

As always, I love to hear from you. I love your additional thoughts. I love your comments. I love your insights. And I love to know what you would like to learn more about.

Are you One of the Nine?

Absolutely everyone who has ever had a coaching session with me has benefited and I want to dedicate nine free coaching sessions this month to you.  

Are you one of the nine? 

My clients are getting such incredible results that I wanted you to be able to see the possiblites for your life. These calls are a gift to you, and have made a huge impact for those who have taken advantage of applying.

Please fill out the application for the determine your eligibility in readiness for the coaching session. Once your application is approved, a link will be provided for you to schedule your session.

What you can expect:

  • 60 minutes of coaching
  • A breakthrough on your specific coaching request
  • An understanding of what value coaching can bring to you

Testimonial from Just ONE Coaching Session

“After a generous, pro-bono coaching session with Helene, I came to realize the true, basic essence of what it was I am called to fulfill in life. As such, it enabled me to be open to changing industries and being open to this higher, more basic purpose, without the obvious professional “cause” to which I have served for over 20 years.

I switched from a 20+ year career in environmental science to insurance. Quite a drastic change. I realized that in order to bring peace to others’ lives, including my own (the essence of my purpose), perhaps, the higher purpose was not the obvious one, and that the cause itself is now the purpose. Very poignant.

This change is not only allowing me to take on a role, job and new career that I am really excited about, but it is also the best job opportunity I have ever had. I always knew that if you truly focus on your goals, by meditating on them and verbally stating them at least twice a day, and putting it out there to the universe what you want to see happen, that you will bring your goals to you.

This fall, after my session with Helene, that actually happened, and I truly believe her counseling validated what I already knew to be true and also brought additional clarity and definition about my actual purpose, enabling me to be open to this completely different opportunity, yet one that I am more equipped for than any other I have ever done. Additionally, I find it fascinating that when the lynchpin to a new decision and a life change is in place, the logistics of that change and of life happen to also fall into place.

This has also happened in this case because, not only is the decision “right” and true, but I have also done the same mediation and goal-setting exercise with those logistics. Thank you Helene! I believe that the universe also brought us together, and I hope that my meeting you will not only benefit me, but you as well.”

Liz Longenecker, Monkton, MD