Or is it time to reconnect with your truth?

You’ve got a great job … but it doesn’t light you up. Yet you’re afraid to change because the inner critic in you says it’s the wrong move. “It’s better to stay where you are–it’s safer. If you change careers you might not like the next one either. Plus, it’s your job. It doesn’t have to make you happy.”

With thoughts like that it’s easy to see why so many people settle. But here’s the thing, that inner critic, that voice inside your head saying, “Don’t do this. Don’t do that. You’re doing this wrong. This isn’t good enough. You’re not successful enough,” can be misguided when driven by fear. It usually becomes a serious power leak leading into a spiral of dissatisfaction, unhappiness and a whole host of problems which come as a result.

It depletes our energy, and yet for some reason it’s the fuel that propels us forward to do better. But it’s not the empowered way to find peace and happiness or change in a direction toward realizing your purpose and optimal version of you!


That real empowered change comes from the heart. And only when you love yourself and you see, feel and believe that you can do better, will you be able to live your purpose, create sustainable change, and become your optimal self.

As someone who coaches people through this process every day, it’s best to take small steps. The first step is all about awareness. If you’re not aware that it’s your inner critic (or your fear) saying, “Don’t do this and don’t do that,” and not your heart then you need to listen and become aware of the dialogue playing in your head to be able to begin to discern.

After you’ve become aware, the next step is taking action. Because awareness without action means nothing. Now, it’s this step that most people struggle with, especially if they’re looking to change careers. And that’s where a career coach, like myself, can really help. Call to make an appointment.