Whenever I speak to an audience about changing their diet or an exercise routine, I am immediately met with a wall of resistance. I am someone who finds it thrilling to implement new ways of thinking and being, but I realized soon enough, I was in the vast minority which left me curious…

What is it that has changing behaviors be the solution for the most deadly diseases? Research shows that chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s disease are 100% preventable through lifestyle medicine? It is as simple as eating whole foods and exercising regularly, but with that being known by the majority, why is it that the resistance mounts against follow through on eating whole foods and frequent exercise? I could list dozens of excuses, but that is not my methodology.

Here are the 5 reasons why changing your lifestyle is easier than you think:

1. Decide already.

Stop wavering on your decision and commitment to be a better person, in a better body and living a better life. Stop it. The only person getting in the way of you living into your healthiest version of yourself and your life is you. Fess up, take responsibility, and start today. Decide the top areas of your life, that if handled once-and-for-all, would make the biggest impact on your life and your legacy.

2. Get into action.

It does not have to be painful to make a change. If you resist change, accept that, and take small steps every day to implement changes. This could be a progressive increase in the minutes you exercise, the steps you take, or the new vegetables you are willing to try. Just be sure you are using your discernment to guide you, riding that edge of challenge. The edge of challenge is a slippery slope, be careful. You want to be sure you are riding the edge and not slipping into laziness and also not slipping into aggression, both will throw you off track.

3. You will feel incredible.

I kid you not. When you start waking up in the morning feeling well rested and awake without the need for excessive stimulants, sedatives, and grumpiness, you will know that there is no-thing more important. Warning: feeling incredible is addictive. You will be looking better, having more energy (especially during that formerly known 4pm slump), having better sex, more fun and energy to be creative, contribute to your family and community and love life!

4. Eating new foods is fun.

Looking at exploring new options might feel risky, I can understand that, but it is an adventure and with all the debate out there regarding which diet is the healthiest, absolutely everyone agrees fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy for you. The more fruits and vegetables you eat, the healthier you become. It is that simple. Find ways to eat them frequently and learn to love them.

5. Neuroplasticity

The most efficient way to prevent premature aging is to maintain plasticity in the neurons in your brain. Adopting new behaviors is the key to developing neuroplasticity. The best forms, according to Dr. Ratey M.D., are fencing, Yoga, martial arts, dance and rock climbing. I highly recommend reading his book, Spark to learn more about the intricacies of brain science and how movement cures everything from depression to ADHD and Alzheimer’s. If new behaviors such as eating a new foods, or playing different games slows down the aging process, I am all in, and it sounds like fun.

If you are still reeling in the idea of how treacherous this all sounds, and that it is easy, you knew this all anyway, and you are angry that you wasted time reading this; you need more help my friend. You need to confront what is really holding you back, because I guarantee you it is something and it is deep inside. You would not be reading this unless you knew there was another level to reach and you are not able to get there yet. Why? Because you are holding yourself back. There is no other reason. Find out why, book a complimentary session now to start.