Look at your life and health differently. Trust that you can do it!

Join Kendell Reichhart of Natural Vibrant Health and I for a 3-week Spring Detox starting on March 31st

We are super excited to include you and offer a detox experience this spring.  Detoxing is a great way of making time to focus on yourself. You become more conscious and aware of the things that you are doing, action and reactions you are making, and really realizing what you need to do for yourself.

Spring is also the best time to cleanse and detox because this is a time naturally of cleaning and renewing.  Plants start to sprout and give new growth and we naturally want to cleanse the body of all the heavier foods we have gravitated toward over the winter.  Spring is a time to start to feel light and vibrant, and this detox will give our bodies what it is ready for during this time of year, a fresh start.

This plan incorporates a whole food based diet and is tailored to everyone no matter where they are in their life and health. You will get to choose from pages of recipes, raw and cooked, and we give you suggestions at every level.  For some is may be to remove sugar and processed foods, and pay attention to food combining.  For others it may be about incorporating more raw food, or maybe you are already mostly raw and want to take it to the next level.  Below are packages, pricing and dates of scheduled conference calls.  If you have additional questions, join in on the free Q&A call on March 27th at 8pm. Please RSVP to join this call to helene@heleneskitchen.com

How it works:

You choose one of the packages below. Pay and receive the first information about how you can prepare for the detox and what to expect. We will be asking you to set your goals, join the private Facebook group and assign you a buddy. Receive your first set of recipes, tips and specific guidelines then join the first conference call on March 31st and bring your open heart.

Choose from one of the three packages:

Package 1

3 weeks detox program delivered as a PDF weekly including:

  • Specific guidelines for the detox
  • Tips on how to eat healthier
  • Recipes  

7 conference calls:

All conference calls are at 8pm:

  • Week 1 March 31st & April 2nd
  • Week 2 April 6th & April 9th 
  • Week 3 April 13th & 16th
  • Final Call April 23rd

On-line support

Cost $ 197


“The detox was definitely worth the price. It was a value – an invaluable.”

John, MD

Package 2

3 weeks detox program delivered as a PDF weekly including:

  • Specific guidelines for the detox
  • Tips on how to eat healthier
  • Recipes  

7 conference calls

All conference calls are at 8pm:

  • Week 1 March 31st & April 2nd
  • Week 2 April 6th & April 9th 
  • Week 3 April 13th & 16th
  • Final Call April 23rd

On-line support

3x Far infrared sauna sessions (at a value of $35 a session)

Yoga 3x (once a week for three weeks) (at a value of $20 a session)

Cost $ 297


With Live Blood analysis at beginning (at a value of $300) and end $397 

Don’t have time? Not an excuse, you can get all your meals from Zia’s cafe, order Mondays and pick up on Wednesdays.

If you are on medication please consult your physician before starting the detox.  

What they are saying:

“I have felt so addicted to sugar and other foods that I knew were causing me to have health problems.  The best thing about this program is that it helped me to break free of those addictions and to feel for the first time in many, many years that I can finally live my life without these foods.  Having all the tools that you gave us, the recipes, the emails, and your unfailing belief that we could do this was the best support we could have asked for.”

Josie, MD

“I got an enormous amount of information from the program – information that helped me make good choices as to what to eat and what not to eat.  I also got the satisfaction of seeing for the first time in years, a change in the way I feel and look.  It has given me the impetus to keep on going and hopefully meet the goals that I ultimately want to achieve.”

Laurie, Baltimore, MD

“It was definitely worth what we paid.  It took a lot of your time and energy to put together all the materials. Seeing the results that I have in how much better I am feeling is certainly worth the price.”

John, MD

“Having Jennifer Helene in my life was the most beneficial thing about the detox program.  Having someone in my life who has realized my possibility of eating food mainly for health purposes.” 

Jeanine, MD

“All my friends want to participate – all are in agreement with the principles and feel they could use the support in realizing their health goals.”

Mandy, VA

“All in all, the diet has been wonderful and the benefits are immediately noticeable.”

Brian, MD


What if i have an adverse reaction to the detox? 

Normal reactions include fatigue, headaches, bad breath and body odor. If you develop a high fever or have en emergency call 911.

Who can I call or email if I have questions?

You can reach out to either Kendall or Jennifer Helene with questions although please try to reserve questions for the group conference calls so that everyone can benefit from your questions. Important, very specific concerns please address to either Kendall or I.

Will I receive a refund if I have to end the detox?

Depending on the circumstance of why you ended the detox, you may be refunded.

Should I exercise while doing the detox?

You should definitely exercise during the detox. If you are juicing, be sure not to over exert yourself. Daily exercise is an essential part of the detox.

Should I do a detox if I am menstruating?


Should I take my prescription medication during the detox?

Yes, please check with your doctor to assure that you can do the detox before signing up.

What if I can only do one week?

If you can do one week you can do three! What is that all about? And where else is that showing up in your life?

What is the benefit of a three week detox?

Ohhhh, where do we start? You will loose weight, you will have better skin, have more energy, sleep deeper, etc…

What support is available to me after the detox to help me launch my health goals?

Kendell can help you with nutrition, supplements, live blood analysis, urine and saliva pH balance and general brilliance on how you can optimize your health. I can help you launch your goals and look at your entire life to find the root of how you will resolve what may be standing in the way of where you are currently in your life and where you want to go and what the path looks like getting there. I will help you to look at your health and life differently and get you unstuck and stop the sabotage.

You may find that you gravitate toward Kendell’s approach or my approach. We highly recommend setting up a coaching session if you feel the need during or after your detox to maintain your path and goals. Sessions will be discounted for Detox participants.

Can I add Zia’s Cafe to any of the plans? 

Yes you can add Zia’s Cafe and it will be a great way to help save you time if you find yourself in need.

Eating out?

Eating out is easy when you are detoxing. Just stick to ordering sides of steamed vegetables, and look at simple salads without cheese. I would bring your own raw oils though to be sure you are getting the best possible fats in your body.