Are you aware you are breathing right now? Are you aware you are blinking in this moment? Do you feel the blood pumping in your veins?

Chances are you did not notice these three things before I brought your attention to them which is normal. When the shoe fits the foot is forgotten, it is this reality that signifies that you are on track in your life, your health and your career. Everything in your life ripples into the other areas of your life such as your finances, your health, your career, your creative expression, your family, your professional relationships, your romantic relationship(s), etc. Rarely does it occur that one area is at 100% and the other areas are also at 100%

Because this is so, you have to look at the global expression of your life and how it is functioning. If your health is out of balance, your finances often follow, there is no separation in the perceived “compartments” of your life. Striking the cord of integrity, in alignment with your values has to be struck in order for you to be on track. The track will then accelerate and the expected occurs, because it was the thought seed that created the expected.

When you are in the work, the thoughts you plant are intentional and clear based on your values. When you are on “automatic,” eating, sleeping, working with no real fulfillment or clarity on why you are here and what this life is about, you will start to get off track. You will feel it in your heart, your bones and blood. Often, life will show you with an illness or tragic event.

The three signs you are on track in your life:

1. You feel authentically happy

2. You feel authentically fulfilled

3. You accomplish much with ease

Let’s talk about the how.