Pay tribute this past Valentines month to the person who will be there for you through thick and thin the rest of your life: you.

Stop searching for your true love and create it in yourself first. Until you love and give to yourself, how do you expect to love and give to others? Create for yourself a strong foundation of self-esteem and unshakable radical love, and other people will begin to mirror the same in return.

Empower and program your subconscious mind with the solid belief that you are worthy of love, happiness and powerful energy. 

Add the following love dates to your calendar over the next month.  Much like your partner or best friend, it’s important to schedule quality time to ensure you give back to yourself. 

1.  Go to bed early: Sprinkle a drop or two of lavender on your pillows or eye mask for a luxurious send off into dreamland.  Your body and mind will thank you.Add a cup of epsom salt and rosewater to your next bath: In fact, schedule a nice hot bath (or shower!) this week – no matter how busy you are.

2.  Serve yourself first so that you may have the energy to best serve others.

3.  Buy yourself a plant:  Psychologically plants cheer up the mind, the green (so necessary in the snowy months) cheers up any room, and they serve as a wonderful reminder to practice self-love.

4.  Create a spa night for yourself:  Find recipes online for natural face masks, find a yummy smelling lotion to give yourself a foot or hand massage, shower or bathe with a natural exfoliant, and add your favorite hair mask or deep conditioner. Afterwards spray essential oils or light incense, add candles around the room, and read a good book.  Afterwards, prepare a nutritious yummy meal for yourself and watch a feel good movie.

5.  Buy yourself something small as a gift:  A new nail polish, scarf or recipe book!  Anything little to lavish some love.  The best part is, you know exactly what you want as a gift!

6.  Plan a date night with yourself: You get to pick your favorite restaurant!  For many people it is a lost art to  enjoy a lovely meal by yourself.  Bring your favorite magazine or book (no phones!) and savor every bite.  No one is watching you. Promise. Bonus if you go to the movies by yourself after!

7.  Plan a mini-retreat weekend: Include your favorite books, food, drinks, songs, and activities.  Schedule time each day to do yoga (either online videos or your favorite studio), journal, read a self-improvement book, meditate and go to bed early.  Don’t forget the candles, incense, and calming background music!

8.  Buy yourself lingerie: Or at least underwear that makes you feel like a million dollars. Wear it just for you!

9.  Plan a weekend staycation for yourself: Go to a restaurant you’ve never tried before.  Find a new or favorite park to walk or ride a bike through, bring your journal or book to relax after (maybe even pack a little picnic for yourself!).  Find your favorite movie and make a special dinner. Find a new dance club or maybe go to the theater.  Look up special activities going on in your city to attend. Fall in love with your city and yourself all over again!

10.  Write down everything you’re grateful for: Get specific. Waking up in your favorite sheets you found on sale, wireless internet to do work or chat with friends in the comfort of your own home, your favorite tea, your walk to work, the friend that makes you laugh the hardest, or the pet that gives great snuggles. Aim for at least 10 super-specific to you items.  At the end, take three deep inhales and exhales, and just smile. Life is good.

If you really are committed to building a strong foundation of radical self-love and higher self-esteem, consider a commitment ceremony to yourself.

Shower, put on beautiful celebratory clothing, light a candle, buy fresh flowers, put on “your song,” include a journal, and write out a letter to promise yourself to take care of YOU the rest of your life. Consider the qualities you would like to offer yourself and others around you.

At the end, state out loud (great to do in a mirror), “I commit to myself fully. I love, cherish and respect myself for who I am.  I am beautiful, full of powerful positive energy, and I promise to love myself the rest of my life.”  Cheers to yourself with your favorite beverage in beautiful stemware and shake it out to your favorite dance mix!

Congratulations on falling in love with you.  

How do you plan to love yourself first this Valentines month, and every day?