7 Day Lifestyle Reset Lead Magnet
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7-Day Lifestyle Reset

Reset your mind and body in 7-days.

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Benefit from my years of
experience and wisdom in
the Health & Wellness space.

Together we will design your unique journey that
feeds your mind, body and soul.
  • Lose weight and feel more comfortable in your own body.
  • Experience freedom from unhealthy emotions, false beliefs, and limiting ideas.
  • Have more energy so you can tackle whatever the day throws your way.
  • Restore the burnout from all the programs you have tried in the past.
I understand that taking care of yourself often comes last on your daily to-do list.

And at the same time, I understand that most people know that if we don’t make time for our health, we’ll be forced to make time for our illnesses.

But what if it didn’t have to be this way?

What if living a life that feels truly healthy could actually be within your reach?

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I’ve spent my entire life studying the
science of health, food, and exercise.

Through my experiences of working with institutions, organizations, Universities, and
thousands of people across the globe I have uncovered “the nutritional life hacks” that can
help you accomplish your goals faster, on your terms, and with less struggle.

You helped me to get real about my emotions and feel my feelings. Because of this, I have released so much pain and trauma. The healing and transformations that I have completed are priceless. For the first time in my life, I actually want to be fully grounded and anchored into my body. For the first time, I effortlessly crave and desire to fuel my body with healthy and vibrant foods. The patterns have been broken, and the inner conflicts has been resolved. This is truly a miracle and an answered prayer that I did not believe would ever be possible.

- Danielle

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1 on 1 Private Support

A 3-month one-on-one program engineered to overhaul your life, improve your health, and take back control — so you can finally experience the health and vitality you so deserve.

  • Signature program designed to bring your health goals within reach
  • A customized 3-month one-on-one coaching experience
  • Benefit from over 20 years of research, education, and experimentation to develop a health regimen that works for you
  • Focus on ways to clean up your diet, uplevel your life, and reclaim your groove
On Demand Health Program 1
On Demand Health Program

The On-Demand
Health Program

Get healthier on your terms.

My signature wellness guidance program. Gain more energy, lose weight, and take control of your health at your own pace.

On Demand Health Program

It’s not simply helping you become
healthy for its own sake.

It’s about helping you discover how being healthier allows you to
experience more vitality in every area of your life.

I had gotten to a point of feeling stuck and overwhelmed, wanting to make changes, and could not get the energy to pull myself out of a rut. After getting coached by Jenn I had the drive to reinvigorate the business and implement steps that reduced my time spent there close to 50%. Thanks to Jennifer Helene, I not only got to see the light at the end of the tunnel; but was able to head straight towards it! I can now embrace challenges with the confidence that I will find solutions without getting dragged back down. I got my spark back! Jennifer Helene’s coaching sessions have helped me change the way I am looking at my business and life. I am happier, more confident, more focused and overall more whole. I am very grateful for her keen insight and unwavering support.
- Beatrice Phillips


Discover a healthier, more radiant you.

These are just some of the results you can expect as a result of our work together:

  • More Energy
  • Better Body Composition
  • More beautiful skin
  • Deeper Sleep
  • Feeling more comfortable in your own
  • More awareness of your life and the ability to be present in the moment
  • Turning health from a struggle and frustration into one of joy
  • The ability to still to enjoy the foods you love
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7 Day Lifestyle Reset Lead Magnet
7 Day Lifestyle Reset Lead Magnet mob

7-Day Lifestyle Reset

7 Days To Reset Your Mind, Health, And Lifestyle.

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